BA (Hons) Business Studies 2:2 [September Group 1]

Hi My name is Daniel O'Sullivan and I presenting the course on Market Research.  I can be contacted at [email protected] . The assessment shall be 50% assignment due on the Wednesday 16th April 2018 and 50% Exam. It takes place over one semester and is a 5 credit module . 

Market Research is essential to provide the rich data necessary to exploit opportunities in the marketplace while at the same time ensuring current value in a ever evolving marketplace.There are two broad forms of market research 1) is to identify problems and 2) to solve problems. 

The course revolves around the market research process which is a series of steps and is systematic and robust to ensure maximum objectivity. 

the core text shall be Basic Marketing Research Malhotra 4th ed but cases are also taken from other sources. There will be a combination of slide deck and heavy emphasis on case studies to illuminate the academic tools. 

It  should provide an exciting insight into how we can attend to ever changing human behaviour.